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Alat Solek Make-up

Translucent Finishing Powder

WM RM28.50

 Translucent Finishing Powder
EM RM31.00

Bedak yang ultra halus yan telah berkali-kali tapis. Sebagai bedak akhir kepada solekan.
Ultra fine and multi-sifted Powder. Gives a natural finish, not heavy and cakey, and puts the finishing toush to a make-up.

Foudation Creme With SPF-5 Ultra Violet Filter (60ml)

WM RM26.50

 Foudation Creme With SPF-5 Ultra Violet Filter (60ml)
EM RM29.00

Mengandungi SPF 5 yang dapat melindungi kulit daripada sinaran ultra ungu. Dapat melindungi pigmentasi yang halus, meninggalkan muka kelihatan halus dan berseri.
All-day protection from the damaging ultra voilet rays. Gives a flawless, even-tone complexion. Covers minor blemishes and uneven colouring. Gives a slight sheen and glow, leaving the skin looking alive and dewy.

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